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How to Change a Plug for Non-Electricians

Changing a plug is actually an easy task, but a lot of people find it rather intimidating, especially if they’re not really familiar with electronics. The truth is that changing a plug is a lot like painting by numbers. In many cases, the plug is easy to open (it has screws under the stickers on […]


This Is How Energy Saving Lightbulbs Work

It won’t be wrong to say that the traditional incandescent bulbs is one of the greatest invention of mankind as it allowed people to feel safe during night and keep working round the clock. These bulbs have helped mankind transform the planet and have served well for many decades. However, one of the biggest problems […]

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Saving Money With A Solar Water Geyser

It is estimated that most households spend almost 40% of their energy bills on water heating. Thankfully, you can now save money on your water heating bills by investing in a solar water geyser. There are several advantages of investing in a solar water geyser system. A solar water geyser not only helps you save […]