How to Change a Plug for Non-Electricians

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Changing a plug is actually an easy task, but a lot of people find it rather intimidating, especially if they’re not really familiar with electronics. The truth is that changing a plug is a lot like painting by numbers. In many cases, the plug is easy to open (it has screws under the stickers on the pronged side, and you can just unscrew them and pop the plug open), and once you’re inside the plug, replacing the plug end is as simple as pulling out the color coded wires and putting them in the same slots on the replacement plug.

Replacing a vacuum plug.

Some appliances have solid plugs that are not easily opened, and if you want to change one of those then you would need to cut the electrical cored, and bare the ends of the three wires that need attached to the connectors inside the replacement plugs. Here is a step by step guide to replacing a plug.

1 – Find the three wires (brown, blue, and green/yellow striped) and make sure that each has bare ends about 1cm long.

2 – Twist the exposed wire on each of those three wires until they are tight and smooth, then fold over each twisted strand.

3 – Open the new plug (either pop it open or unscrew it).

4 – Inside the plug, there will be some screws to the sides of each of the pins, unscrew them, and then insert the copper into the holes that each pin has – the pins have a specific role – the green/yellow wire goes into the top pin, while the blue wire goes into the left pin, and the brown wire goes into he right pin.

5 – To make sure that you are getting the pins right, the pin that accepts the blue wire should have a letter N or a blue spot near it. The pin that accepts the brown wire should have the letter L or a brown spot near it.

6 – Tighten the screws on each of the pins.

7 – Make sure that the cord is gripped firmly by the clips at the very bottom of the plug.

8 – If necessary, make sure that there is an appropriate fuse inside the plug.

9 – Pop the cover of the plug back into place.

10 – Screw the plug shut.

Changing a 3 pin plug.

Changing a plug should not take long and it is a relatively easy job, but it is vital that you make sure that the wires go into the correct places. Make sure that you have followed the instructions properly, check and recheck that the wires match up with the markings, and make sure that there are no stray wires that could cause a short and damage the appliance. For the most part, modern appliances have fail safes to prevent them from breaking in the event of a short, but it is not worth the risk of something going wrong if you make a mistake.

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