This Is How Energy Saving Lightbulbs Work

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It won’t be wrong to say that the traditional incandescent bulbs is one of the greatest invention of mankind as it allowed people to feel safe during night and keep working round the clock. These bulbs have helped mankind transform the planet and have served well for many decades. However, one of the biggest problems with incandescent bulbs is that these are highly energy inefficient.

How do energy saver light bulbs work.

A typical incandescent bulb is made of a glass bulb that carries a thin piece of wire in it. This thin wire is known as filament and when electricity flows through the filament, it gets extremely hot. This hot filament starts giving light at high temperature and this is how incandescent bulbs work. However, an incandescent bulb consumes a lot of electricity as compared to the amount of light produced. This is the reason, there has been a huge increase in the demand for energy efficient light bulbs. This article is focused on defining how energy-efficient bulbs work and why you should also replace all the incandescent bulbs with these new energy-efficient bulbs.

There are two major kinds of energy-efficient bulbs including the compact fluorescent lamps and the LED bulbs.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps

The compact fluorescent lamps produce light through a process known as fluorescence. This process is also used in the nature by fireflies and glow worms that make light without producing any heat

Fluorescent Lamp

A fluorescent lamp is made up of a base and a couple of tubes. The base contains a few electrical circuits. Once it is switched on, the electricity flows into the electrodes and the electrons blow out from the surface and start interacting with the mercury gas contained in white tubes. The collision between atoms of the mercury and these electrons allows the mercury atoms to jump to higher energy levels. Since higher energy levels makes mercury atoms unstable, they give off photos of invisible ultraviolet light to return to the ground state.

If you’re wondering how ultraviolet light is converted into visible light, here is how it works. These thin glass tubes containing mercury gas are also covered in chemicals known as phosphors. When ultraviolet light strikes phosphors, the phosphor atoms become unstable and give out excess energy as visible light which is what leads to visible light. In simple terms, the compact fluorescent lamps use electrical energy to generate moving electrons which collide with mercury atoms in order to make ultraviolet light which in turn collides with the phosphor coating in order to produce visible light.

How Fluorescent lamb work.

While the CFL is much better than incandescent bulbs, there are certain drawbacks of these lamps. One of the biggest problems is that the mercury gas inside these lamps is toxic that not only poses a risk to your health if the bulb breaks inside your home but they also create issues in landfills. This is the reason, LED lamps are gaining in popularity all around the world.

LED lamps are much more energy-efficient as compared to CFLs. These lamps also last a bit longer and contain far fewer components, and are safe for the environment. However, they cost a bit more as compared to CFL lamps but the cost has been coming down and it is expected that these bulbs will become far cheaper in the near future due to their tremendous advantages over the compact fluorescent lamps.

If you still have incandescent bulbs in your home, it is recommended to replace them with LED lamps or CFLs immediately. The LED lamps and CFLs are much more energy-efficient and will save you a lot more money in the long run, as they last a lot longer and use much less energy.

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