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Saving Money With A Solar Water Geyser

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It is estimated that most households spend almost 40% of their energy bills on water heating. Thankfully, you can now save money on your water heating bills by investing in a solar water geyser. There are several advantages of investing in a solar water geyser system. A solar water geyser not only helps you save a lot of money but it also helps in keeping the environment clean and makes the world a better place.

How does solar water heater works.

There are many different types of solar water geysers available in the market today. These solar geysers make use of solar panels that are fitted to the roof. In this system, the solar energy from the sun is used to heat up the water which is stored in a tank and this hot water is used as required. In many cases, the water heated through a solar water geyser is combined with the traditional electric geyser in order to supply hot water at optimum temperature.

Vacuum Tubes

One of the most common types of solar water geyser uses evacuated tubes which are also known as vacuum tubes. The other type of system is known as flat plate collector which is one of the most common types of panels used in heating systems.

Save 40% of your average monthly electricity

One of the biggest advantages of using solar water geyser is that you will be able to save up to around 40% of your average monthly electricity spend. It will not only bring down the electricity costs in a significant manner but you will also be helping the environment by bringing down your use of electricity generated through traditional fossil fuels that are bad for the environment. Many people do not want to switch over to solar water geyser due to the misconception that the systems cost a lot of money. The truth is that these systems save a significant amount of money in the long run, especially when combined with the rebates offered by governments around the world for investment in renewable energy sources such as solar power.

No annual maintenance

Another important thing you need to consider is that you won’t need to spend almost any money on maintenance as there is no annual maintenance cost associated with solar water geysers. In many cases, a household is likely to break even in just three years and will start generating profit from three years onward by investing in a solar water geyser. If you already have an electrical geyser, you can also hire the services of a professional plumber who can integrate the solar geyser with the existing electrical geyser. In simple terms, this system will combine the solar water geyser with the traditional electrical geyser in order to supply hot water at the desired temperature but at a much lower cost as compared to using only electric geyser.

Hot water always available

Having a solar water geyser also means that you will always have hot water available even when there is no power. It also brings an immediate reduction in your monthly electricity bill by up to 50%. It is also important for you to keep in mind that a solar water geyser will also protect you from any future price hikes as it has only a one-time installation cost. You will also save extra on your electricity bill by consuming less energy which means you will have to pay lesser tariff. You also help in conserving the environment as by using a solar water geyser, you can prevent release of up to 3.7 tons of carbon gases annually.

Check with the local installation company

As far as choosing the right type of solar water geyser system is concerned, you should check with the local installation company in order to choose the right system for your particular location. The choice of a system will depend on your particular needs and environmental factors in a location as well as your overall budget.

Overall, there are a number of advantages of investing in a solar water geyser. It allows you to get hot water at any time and you should be able to bring down your monthly electricity bill by up to 50%. So, check out the rebates offered by your local government for installation of solar water geyser and choose a local installer in order to get the right solar water geyser.

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